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We are Conservatory of Dance.
We inspire, create, and encourage authenticity through dance.

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We love teaching ballet, modern, jazz, and tap.  While we look young, most of us have over twenty years of teaching experience!  Just call it our superpower!  We believe in offering pre-professional technique to all of our students in a family friendly atmosphere.

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We do our best offer a class schedule to accommodate busy parents and student academic schedules.  

We offer a variety of classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern!

Click next below to see our class schedules!

Class Schedules



July 8th -11th, 2019

3-5 years 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
$115.00 plus registration fee

6-9 years 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
$150.00 plus registration fee

Dance Camp



Summer Schedule

“To Dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”

~Agnes de Mille


“Not only are our images unreal, but the experience was just so damn fun from beginning to end. We loved it all.”

Will & Grace SAY:

Performances are optional

$10.00 – Registration Fee
$65.00 – Nutcracker Performance Fee
$75.00 – Fairytale Fantasy Performance Fee
$80.00 – Spring Recital Performance Fee
$60.00 – Additional Class Performance Fee
$64.00 – Ballet Class Attire Fee
$235.00 – Ballet 1-3 Performance Package
For the dancer that loves the stage! Includes nearly everything your dancers needs for their performance and class.

Performance Fees

School Year
$7.50 monthly service charge for budget friendly tuition installments

Paid in full discount available

School Year Tuition:
$600.00 – First Class
$516.00 – Second Class
$450.00 – Third Class
$378.00 – Fourth Class
$306.00 – Fifth Class
$234.00 – Sixth Class
$162.00 – Seventh Class or More

Dance Camp Tuition:
$115.00 – 3-5 Years
$150.00 – 6-9 Years

 5 Week Summer Class Tuition:
$80.00 - First Class
$75.00 - Second Class
$70.00 - Third Class
$65.00  - Fourth Class
$60.00 - Fifth Class
$55.00 - Sixth Class


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Class spots are limited to ensure that all of our students receive appropriate attention. Inquire below, or email directly via

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